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July 25-27 2024


628 Louisa Ave, Mineral VA 23117

Walton Park

Agriculture Grows Here.
Horse Show
July 21, 2024
8:30 AM

Pre-Registration by July 19: $10 per class
Registration after July 19: $12 per class

Class List

In-Hand Classes

  • Western Halter

  • English Halter

  • Gaited Halter

  • Youth Showmanship

  • Adult Showmanship


Beginner Classes

  • Lead line

  • Intro Eq - Walk/Halt

  • Intro Eq - Walk/Circle/Back

  • Intro Eq - Walk/Trot/ Pattern


Western Classes

  • Western Youth Horsemanship W/J

  • Western Youth Pleasure W/J

  • Western Youth Pleasure GAYP

  • Western Adult Horsemanship W/J

  • Western Adult Horsemanship W/J/L

  • Western Adult Pleasure W/J

  • Western Adult Pleasure GAYP

  • Western Adult Pleasure W/J/L


English Classes

  • English Youth Eq  W/T

  • English Youth Pleasure W/T

  • English Youth Pleasure GAYP

  • English Adult Eq W/T

  • English Adult Eq W/T/C

  • English Adult Pleasure W/T

  • English Adult Pleasure GAYP

  • English Adult Pleasure W/T/C


Gaited Classes

  • Open Gaited Country Pleasure (GAYP)

  • Walk/Gait (2 gait class)

  • Walk/Gait/Canter (3 gait class)

  • Water class


Fun Classes

  • Egg & Spoon Race

  • Partner Race

  • Ride-a-Buck

  • Costume

Trail Classes

  • Trail Youth

  • Trail Adult

  • Open Trail - In Hand


• Leadline class- Riders 7 and under must have Adult Handler

•Intro Eq classes - Open to both Western/English riders who can walk/trot but cannot post well.  A handler may walk w/ rider but no assistance.

• Trail Classes - Riders must complete trail classes between 10am-1pm

Show Rules

  • All Riders UNDER 18 years of age are REQUIRED to wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with a fastened harness when MOUNTED, regardless of discipline.

  • Youth: Riders 17 years of age and younger

  • Adult: Riders 18 years of age or older

  • Every Class offered herein, which is covered by the rules and specifications listed will be judged accordingly.

  • The Judge’s decision is FINAL. DO NOT approach the Judge, except by way of show management. 

  • All Horses/Ponies on the show grounds must present a current negative coggins dated within 12 months of the date of the show, and MUST LEAVE A COPY with the show Secretary at check-in. We will not have a copy machine or printer! BRING A COPY WE CAN KEEP PLEASE.

  • Entries: $12/class the day of the show *OR* $10/class if Pre-entered by Friday, July 19th 11:59 p.m. Any entries received after that will be considered a “Day Of” entry and charged accordingly.

  • Payment must be made in CASH or CHECK ONLY! We cannot accept credit cards or electronic payment at this time.

  • $50 returned check fee

  • Entries will not be accepted without Release of Liability signed for every rider regardless of age. Youth must have Adult present to sign waiver. NO back numbers will be given out without a signed release.

  • Classes will be placed 1st through 6th place with Champion and Reserve Champion awarded to the top 2 high point scores for divisions of horsemanship, pleasure, and equitation only. High point overall Adult and Youth will be awarded and 1 SHOW CHAMPION will be awarded to the highest point total for the day.

  • Classes designated with ** count towards overall High Point scores

  • Points will be counted on a scale as follows: 1st place-6 points; 2nd place-5 points; 3rd place-4 points; 4th place-3 points; 5th place-2 points; 6th place-1 point. Division Champion-10 points; Division Reserve Champion-8 points.

  • Show Management reserves the right to refuse entries, and cancel or combine any class or division it deems necessary.

  • Exhibitors show at their own risk. In case of a fall, rider may NOT remount in the ring.

  • Schooling will be permitted in the show ring between 7:15AM and 8:15AM the day of the show and at designated times. Show management reserves the right to split or terminate schooling. Please see DAY OF schedule for schooling times. There will be NO LUNGING in the ring at ANY time! Lunging must be done outside the ring and away from crowded areas.

  • Stallions must be marked with a YELLOW TAIL RIBBON and are NOT PERMITTED to be handled, ridden, or exhibited by persons under 18 years of age.

  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times and under the direct control of a handler.

Louisa County Fair Location           

Walton Park

628 Louisa Ave

Mineral, VA 23117


Mailing Address

Louisa County Fair

PO Box 1064

Louisa, VA 23093

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